Regulations of NBC


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Rules of procedure (07.07.2018)
Financial and Travelling Expenses Rules (01.10.2018 - v5.04)
Rules of law and proceedings (01.11.2011)
Honour Regulations (19.06.2021 - v2)


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International Sport Regulations of the NBC (01.07.2021 - v5.04)
IR World Championships (01.07.2019)
IR Single World Cup (01. 07. 2017)
IR Cup Competitions (01.07.2016)
IR Champions League (01.07.2017)
IR International matches (01.07.2016)
IR World ranking list - World records (01.07.2016)
IR Organization (01.07.2016)


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International referee regulations of the NBC
Training and advanced training regulations for international referees
Curriculum A (training to become an international referee)

Regulations of WNBA

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Statutes WNBA
International Sport Rules (including Referee)
Honour Regulations
Financial and Travelling Expenses Rules
Rules of Procedure
Rules of Law and Proceeding
Technical Regulations
List of Approved Technical Equipment
Application Approval of Advertising


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World Bowling Anti-Doping Rules
Appendix 3: Consent Form