World and European Championship - Brezno (SVK) 2024


Host Website - You can find information about accommodation, tickets, video broadcast and many other information necessary for the World and European Championships Brezno 2024.

The schedules and all important documents for the competitions can be viewed and downloaded on the competition website.
Short schedule by days - Brezno 2024

I. ECH U18:  Competition webpage   Schedules: Complete   Short   Scheme     Registration form B - deadline 08.04.

I. ECH U14:  Competition webpage   Schedules: Complete   Short   Scheme     Registration form C - deadline 08.04.

XXII. WCH U23:  Competition webpage   Schedules: Complete   Short   Scheme     Registration form D - deadline 08.04.

IX. WCHS W/M:  Competition webpage  Schedules: Complete   Short   Scheme     Registration form E - deadline 11.04.