Information for the World Championships - Slovenia 2021


Dear Sport Friends, Dear Compatitors,

We are in the last days of the preparation phase for WCH Slovenien. Hereby we would like to share some important information with you:

Entering Slovenia, traveling rules:
Based on the status 11.08.2021 you can enter Slovenia with the following documents or tests:
1. European vaccination passport (printed or digital), or
2. Negative PCR test, not older than 72 hours, or
3. Antigen test not older than 48 hours.

Leaving Slovenia:
All of the countries have different rules and regulations. It is the responsibility of each country to know and follow the rules of its own country! The organizer committee of Slovenia provides COVID testing opportunity for the players if it is needed to enter the mother country back.

Competition and participation:
1. Because of health and safety reasons the event is closed for fans in both bowling alleys. Only the players, coaches and the members of the delegation are allowed to stay in the halls during the competition. Slovenia provided a video streaming of the competition.
2. It is allowed to enter the bowling alleys only with face masks. The active players and their coaches do not have to wear face masks during the games.

To manage and realize a competition without COVID cases is our common responsibility. It is important that we behave in a disciplined and prudent manner during the competition. If someone doesn’t feel good before the trip, have any complaints, don’t let go of the competition. If someone becomes ill during the race, do not let them into the community, isolate them from the rest of the team and notify the organizers immediately.

Thank You for your understanding and cooperation.

NBC Presidium

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