Information about Champions League 2021/2022


The first round of the Champions League is coming soon, so we have some inquiries and information for Clubs:
  • In case for some reason any club are not ready to play in the Champions League, please let us know no later than Monday, November 15, 2021 to e-mail:, otherwise we believe that everything is fine and clubs participate in Champions League 2021/2022.
  • Attached is list of teams where they are: contact information about the club, information about the bowling alley and a list of players and officials. Clubs that have not yet completed the online application form for bowling alley data please do so no later than Monday, November 15, 2021 by 13:00 PM, the form can be  found at the following link: If you want to change some information in the list, please send the same to e-mail: Once again we ask clubs that did not, to send pictures of players so that they can be put in the application and have them displayed with the result.
  • The home team of the match will have to inform the guest team no later than Monday of the week when the match is played of the specific COVID conditions applicable in that country / region: Border crossing conditions, bowling alley entering conditions, whether masks are required and whether spectators are allowed. Notification to the guest team must be sent by e-mail, the same e-mail must be sent to the director of sport:
  • On Tuesday, November 16, we will update list of teams and official document about the Champions League regarding the possibility of postponing matches and specifics due to COVID.
  • We will send a document to each guest team no later than 10 days before the match confirming that they have an official match (for some countries this document makes it easier to cross the border)
  • The NBC presidency has decided that the final tournament of the Champions League will be played in Hungary, the women in Győr, and the men in Pápa.
  • The results of the Champions League will be published on the website


List of teams - Women

List of teams - Men